Who Is Behind My Kid Entrepreneur?

"Raising Game Changers: the future belongs to entrepreneurs."

- Natalya Story

Meet Zach and Natalya Story

Zach Story, a distinguished entrepreneur and insightful investor, embodies a deep commitment to fostering entrepreneurial education. With a proven track record of transforming innovative ideas into successful startups, Zach extends his business acumen to his most important role—being a father.

His dedication towards his children's learning focuses on instilling resilience, creativity, and entrepreneurial skills, preparing them for a dynamic future.

Natalya Story, entrepreneur and founder of Kid Entrepreneur Program

Natalya Story, the brains and heart behind My Kid Entrepreneur!

As the super cool founder of this innovative platform, Natalya is on a mission to inspire young minds to think big, dream big, and create big.

She's not just a trailblazer, though.

Natalya is also the author of the award-winning book 'My Kid Entrepreneur', a must-read guide that lights up the entrepreneurial spirit in kids around the globe.

But did she stop there? Nope! She also created an engaging workbook and the SparkMind Entrepreneurial Journal for kids - tools that ignite creativity, foster problem-solving, and encourage kids to write their own success stories.

Natalya's passion for cultivating young entrepreneurs goes beyond words. She believes in the power of ideas, big or small, and knows that every child has the potential to change the world.

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I would love to be a guest on your podcast. How can I reach you?

You can reach us at support@mykidnetprenreur.com with the subject 'Podcast Guest'. Please include your bio! Looking forward to have you on our podcast.

Can Kidpreneurs be part of the "Raising Game Changers" and "My Kid Entrepreneur" podcast?

Absolutely! Please reach us out via email at support@mykidentrepreneur.com with your name, age, and ideas to talk about!

Can I Invite You to my podcast/show?

Absolutely! You can invite us at support@mykidentrepreneur.com

Can I Talk To Kids At My Kid Entrepreneur Club on My Show?

Yes, please reach us at support@mykidentrepreneur.com

Can I invite You To Speak About 'Entrepreneurship for kids' or How To Raise Game Changers?

Yes, you can reach us at support@mykidentrepreneur.com

Can You Cover More Deeply This Specific Topic?

Please send us your ideas, question and topics! You can reach us at support@mykidentrepreneur.com