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Finally, A Screen-Free Way For Kids To Learn Entrepreneurship and Financial Literacy, While Having Fun!

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Becoming an Entrepreneur is an amazing way to acquire life important skills and develop a growth mindset in children.

When building a business kids learn how to collaborate, how to be creative, how to earn, spend and invest money.

They develop resilience and grit.

They discover that mistakes are just feedback and master how to apply what they learn.

My Kid Entrepreneur makes the journey of building a business fun and interactive for kids.

Through Entrepreneurship kids: 

  • Develop A Healthy Relationship With Money...
  • Learn To Take Action...
  • Learn How To Deal With Adversity And Discomfort...
  • Develop An Entrepreneurial Mindset And Habits!

 "What a great way to discover creativity in your child. This book can help any child bring their dreams of building a business into a reality."

"I didn't know that it's so much fun to make your own money."

Sky Story 
Editor-in-Chief @ My Kid Entrepreneur 

My Kid Entrepreneur book is designed to be not only fun and engaging, but for your kid to take action as they read it.

It teaches kids how to build a business in the modern world. 🌎

In the process NOT ONLY will your child make money and learn how to build and market a business, BUT WILL have a fundamental shift in their MINDSET 🧠

They will learn that you CAN NOT lose by an experience.

That you either WIN or you LEARN.

That mistakes are just feedback 🤔⁣

And that making your own money is WAY MORE FUN than asking your parents for it 💯

And when they earn their own money, they will appreciate not only what it can do for them, but also what it takes to earn it.

We created My Kid Entrepreneur with a simple mission: to inspire and empower children to live their lives on their own terms.

Our Story

We all want the best for our kids.

That's why we take them not only to school but after-school activities all the time, without ever thinking that it may end up hurting them.

But when the pandemic started schools got exposed. All schools, private and public.

Our son was going to one of the best schools in New York City, and when the lockdowns took place, we got to see first hand what and how he was being taught.

To say that we were "shocked" is an understatement.

Fixed mindset messages... fear of making mistakes... teaching them what to think, instead of how to think... promoting thinking inside the box, not out... crushing creativity and initiative... multiple choice questions...Really?

Kids today come out of schools totally unprepared for the real world.

That's when we realized that our son was better off spending time with us, while we were working on new business ideas... making mistakes... having to pivot... failing all the time... until we got it right.

That's what entrepreneurs do.

We kept telling Sky all the time, that Happiness is a Choice and You Can Either Win Or Learn, but You Can Not Lose By Taking Action.

You could see he was inspired by entrepreneurship.

Only 6 years of age, he came up with his first entrepreneurial idea.

He took action.

His mindset shifted.

He learned the value of money and the Freedom that comes with financial independence.

We wrote this book for him.

But Sky wanted every child to be able to have this book, so we decided to publish it.

We hope it will impact your child's life as it has ours.

Zach & Natalya Story

What's Inside The Book?

Part 1 - Let's Dive In

  • Chapter #1: Don't Ask Me "What I Want To Become..."
  • Chapter #2: Why It's So Cool To Be An Entrepreneur
  • Chapter #3: No Opportunities Wasted
  • Chapter #4: Entrepreneurial Mindset
  • Chapter #5: Understanding Money
  • ​Chapter #6: What is Profit?

Part 2 - Let The Fun Begin

  • Chapter #7: Model What Works
  • Chapter #8: Business Idea
  • Chapter #9: Marketing
  • Chapter #10: Business Math
  • Chapter #11: Power of The Internet
  • ​Chapter #12: Focus
  • Chapter #13: It's Not The How, It's The Who
  • ​Chapter #14: Done Is Better Than Perfect
  • Chapter #15: The Power Of Belief

"Every child should have this book, and every parent should enjoy this experience. It is one of a kind."

Dmitry Stasyuk, Father of Two
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